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question: when i logon to another company's ftp site can i view the folder structure.

in another product that I use  i can see various folders that i would have access to and just click one and upload to it then i can open the folder up and actually see the upload on their site and for example if i have to manually download from a customer a particular file i could logon and look in their folder to see if its there and not have to contact a person. can i do this in automate

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Hello Mike,

Within the FTP download step, next to the remote path field, there is a folder icon. If you click this icon, it will open a very simple FTP browser. Keep in mind, you will need to build your ftp connection within this tool first. Once you have successfully connected, you can navigate through the FTP browser and select specific files.

Please let us know if this works for you.

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Yes, you can. If you have for example FTP Upload file action open you can click on the folder icon (remote files). That will open a FTP browser.

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cool that worked, thanks now the next question which is related.

there are 4 of us that use automate and we each have our on logons but still see the same tasks within automate, this process just given me looks to be user specific- is this the case or am i missing something . two of us built one and could not see the others and it would be nice to be shared.

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