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I created a simple test work flow just that writes to database every minute at 00, the values are all over the place and sometimes it fires twice in a minute. Why is that so? Is it a common problem with all Automate software. Note that I am using a trial version.

Pay attention to the second values, they are no where close to 0.

Delayed timings

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Hi Hammad,


There can be a number of factors that can impact the start times of tasks. This can include the triggers Rescheduling When late settings, your load management settings, Task Priority settings, Task and action retry settings, and high system loads on the agents and/or Execution server.  I would recommend checking each of these to see which one of these may be playing a factor.

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Hi Justin, my example is extremely simple as you can see. Should not put any load on system. This is the only workflow on the whole laptop (It has SSD I-5). I am further perplexed when the task is executed 2 times in a min. I am new to Automate and dont know how strictly tasks execute on exact timing. Thanks

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Hi Hammad,

Would it be possible to set-up a remote support session where we can take a closer look at this issue? If this is possible please send an email over to [email protected] with a list of your availability. In the email, also please verify the Operating System of the machine in question and it's bit level, as well as the version and bit level of the AutoMate software.
Note: Please reference this forum thread in your email.

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Hi Justin,

Both are 64 bit. I will shoot an email at above but first will do basic troubleshooting before I send that email.


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Hi Justin, I tried to reproduce the issue. First automate gave me some weird problems e.g. it would not allow me to enable/disable trigger but after I restarted system it worked fine. Here is the new result,which seems to clie close to each other. Is this acceptable? The trigger was exactly at 00 sec, every minute. You can see data is written 9 to 10 seconds afterwards (delay), which is about consistent.


Automate Trigger Timing

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Hello Hammad,

It is difficult for us to say exactly the amount of delay that would be considered normal, as every environment is different and different variables can affect performance.

However, based on what you are showing us, this does seem like normal behavior.

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