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I’m testing version 11.0.6 of BPA with a workflow that was working on version and I encountered an odd issue.

First task in my workflow gets the file list of a folder and create a shared dataset. Next step an evaluation will compare the shared DS total rows with the loops I’m creating in the workflow.When all the files of the shared DS are pushed in my loop the evaluation will complete and stop the loop.

I’ve checked the first task and the shared DS is created but it seems not passed to the evaluation as it supposed to be and i get the error on screenshot 1. On the second screenshot you can see how the evaluation is built.

I confirm %sdfile.totalrows% will return the total amount of rows of the shared dataset as i debug it from task in a message dialog.

It seems the DS is not shared ? i have attached the workflow for your review.




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moved to a personal ticket

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We have been able to reproduce the issue internally and have documented the defect for correction:



24412 - VARIABLE ENGINE: "Workflow failed because: (10094) ActiveX Automation: Object var is 'Nothing'." error message when evaluating a shared dataset

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