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we installed on a new Windows 2016 server Automate

We work on the server as Admin, but we haven't the full admin rights for security issues (example: we couldn't dissable the internal Firewall or the McAfee). The server has no connection to the internet.

Here are our issues:

1.) A job triggered by 'Logon User' starts only by the creator from the job.

2.) Managed task's aren't vissible for Enable / Disable.

The same points work fine if we are a full Admin.

Now our question: Which permissions are missing for this installation.



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Hi Matthias,

1.) A task that requires to run in a logged on session will only run on the session that has the Automate Event Monitor running. It appears that this workstation has multiple people that remotely connect to it, correct? To ensure that GUI automation has a high success rate, it's recommended to keep remote sessions to a minimum or not at all. If remote sessions to need to occur then the Automate Event Monitor may need to be adjusted from first come, first served to maybe a specific user or console so that it runs in a separate session from all of the remote sessions. Is this machine configured as a terminal services server?

2.) What do you mean by not visible? 

Both of the above points are not dependent on an admin user, but more of who is logged on.




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1.) Yes we work with remote sessions on the server, This issue is fixed.

2.) Here are a screenshot for the part to enabel or dissable Task.

No Task is in the Pull Down Section.




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 Hi Matthias,

That is a weird issue. Was this a default installation for all users or a custom install for one user? After installation, were any default settings changed such as the task default location? It's possible that if the task location has been changed that only logged on users that have access to this location will be able to populate the task list whereas users that do not have access will not be able to populate the task list.



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Hi Leonard,

this installation is a default installation. I made this installation.

After installation i changed a few settings:

1.) Restore a backup from Automate 10.

2.) Edit the TaskService.config.xml. Edit the IP Port to 11010 (no connetion to localhost)

3.) Changed the default managed task location to Volume D:\systems\Automate\Tasks

4.) Changed the location for the Log Managment to D:\systems\Operating\Log\Automate

This are the same entries as in the past with Automate10



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Hi Matthias,

Do you have a service user specified in Task Administrator? If so, please remove the service user and restart the Automate 11 service. Please let me know if the issue persists.


The service user allows the task location and settings to be stored outside of the local machine. If the service user or password is not valid, it can cause unintended issues. This is functionality that we are working towards removing from future versions of Automate. 



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Hi Leonard,

we have no 'service user' defined in out system.



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Hi Leonard,

one more information from my side.

We create a task with en/disable a task.

The entry 'activ_server\T-systems\Akkreditive' is type in manually, because no tasks found by editing.

We we run this task, we get an error. See screenshot.

The atl file is in the standard location.



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Hello Matthias,


Did you create the task  'activ_server\T-systems\Akkreditive' while you had task 'Einzelne Schritte' open? If this was the case you may need to close task builder and create the step enable/disable task again. I have tested this behavior in v11.0.6 and the step works fine and I was able to find my managed task inside sub-folder in the step creation 'manage task' dropdown. Please close the current task and try creating the step again. Let us know if that works. 



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 Hi Matthias,


I apologize I did not read the full thread. I do have a question about the non admin user that is unable to see the managed tasks on drop down. Is ge able to create new tasks on Automate?

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i could greate new task that works fine.

On this server run now nearly 40 different task's, but only the function with enable disable task's aren't working.

I installed Automate 11 on a other server. On this server the point with the 'Tasks' work fine.

From my side it is a security issue.




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any new information for my issue??



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Hello Matthias,

Since it works on one machine and not the other, we are also inclined to believe permissions plays a part in what is occurring.

We would like to troubleshoot further through a support session. Please send your availability, including timezone, to [email protected]. Please reference this thread when sending your email.


thank you.

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sorry for my late reply. I made a lot of test's for this issue. I found out that the restore from the backup file is the issue.

I make a restore on 5 differnt systems on each system i have the same isseue.

I need from your side a conversion from my backuup file.

Could you tell me your mail adress. for the converting of the ama file.




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Hi Matthias,

You can send us the backup file to [email protected] or you can create a case in the customer portal and attach the backup file there as well. In either scenario, please reference this thread.

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I found the misstake.

In the ATL file is for a Taskfolder a false value.

The value is:

<TASKFOLDER ID="""" NAME="BankVerlag">


I create an new folder and moved all task's from the defect folder in the new folder. After this I delete the corrupted folder.

Then it works.




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