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Has anyone ever experienced reading data from a Csv file, and some of the data being read as being formatted as scientific notation instead of it's actual text value?

For instance, the value 29670E107 in a cell in the .csv file is getting converted to 2.967E+111 when reading directly from the file using the OpenDocument Spreadsheet action. Haven't tried using Excel to see if it does the same thing, but switching to Excel would be a fairly large task at this point in time anyways.

Has anyone found a workaround for this? I would like to just get the actual text value instead of the scientific notation value.


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Hello Bradley,

What version of the software are you running? What version number?

Is it possible to provide a sample task or sample steps to try and replicate in house?

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Hi Alex,

We're running AutoMate v11 version

Attached is an example task, and an example .csv file that contains the value that is getting converted to scientific notation. You'll see in the example that both the Formatted, and Text value option both return a scientific notation version of the value in cell A1. If you open the .csv file with notepad, you'll see the value in A1 is supposed to be 29670E107.



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Hello Bradley,

Since opening this csv outside of AutoMate still produces the same "2.967E+111" result, the result within AutoMate will be the same. We will need to turn off the scientific notation format before adding the value so that the actual 29670E107 value can be "read" properly by AutoMate.

Another solution is to convert the file into a .txt format, then look for the value by looping the text within the file.


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