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We are wondering if there is a way to search for a specific string in all workflows/database connection strings, etc in Automate Enterprise 11. We frequently change server names: IE file servers or SQL servers, and it would benefit us to be able to proactively know which Automate tasks/workflows are going to have to change with a server name change/move. Is there a spot in the database or on the file system of the Automate server that is searchable for strings like server names, etc? Thanks.


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Hello Zachary,

Unfortunately there is no way to accomplish this on a global level. There is a search function within tasks, but not for overall workflows. Here is more info on that serach in case you need it:

You may want to use constants, which are variables that can be used within tasks, but are set globally. This way if you need to make a change, you can update the constant and the change will be reflected when everywhere the constant is used. Here is more information on constants:

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