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I am having issues to try open/establish an e-mail session.

My organization have the outlook in the cloud (

Please can you share the steps to get this configured.

I am getting the following error using IMAP protocol :

[New Task (21)][Main](Step 1) Email failed (Error : A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.)


Thanks in advance for all support received.



Nelson Cunha




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Hi Nelson,

When using Office 365, you will want to use the EWS protocol and use for the exchange server. The username and email will be your full email address.

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Thanks for your feedback.

The session is created, but when I try to send a mail or get header(s) I get the following error:

Invalid URI.



Nelson Cunha

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Please remove the information in the exchange server field and as long as you have the correct email address, user name and password specified, then click on the discover button and let Automate populate the exchange server field. It may not be


- Leonard 

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Hi Leonard

The discover button does not work and does not return any information.

Unfortunately still with the same problem.

Hope to have more help on this point.

Thanks in advance.

Nelson Cunha

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We're just starting to use Outlook in O365 with Automate, and ran into some problems as well.  In my testing, I was not able to get the auto-discover to work at all.  But using as suggested earlier did work.  However, I was not able to use an account that was federated with ADFS, I had to use a cloud-only account to be able to authenticate.  Is this a known limitation with connecting to O365?

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@ David

We currently do not support single sign-on.



we will schedule a remote session for this issue on the current open case we have with you and Carlos. 

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