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I've searched for a way to do this using Automate but I can't seem to find it.

I have a batch file I need to run from my Automate server on a remote server. When I run the script locally (on the application server) it works just fine.  The vendor suggests running the batch file using Windows Scheduler which I can do but I would rather use Automate if possible because when this batch file is done the is some additional file renaming and moving I need to do in Automate anyway.

The exact script has nothing that can't be shared so I'll paste in the exact script that works when I run it on the application server.  Please note the file paths are the paths for the remote application server, not the Automate server.



cd "c:\Program Files\Risk & Performance Solutions\Vantage\VantageConfig"
Vantage.Config.exe -Action "BackupDatabase" -DatabaseList "VANTAGE_PROD" -VCMParameterList "SRV-VANTAGE,," -AuthMode "Windows" -BackupFile "C:\Vantage Backups\Vantage_Production.vantage" -Overwrite "true"


I attempted to just past that script into Execute Basic script (changing the file path to the remote UNC path) but it didn't work.  Any help can be appreaciated but if this isn't supported I'll just have to run it in Windows Scheduler and then let Automate separately launch for the post batch steps.


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 While waiting to see if there is a native way to do this in Automate I did find a bit of a work around in case anyone else is interested.  I installed PSExec from Sys Internals and was able to kick off the remote batch files using Automate using:


<AMRUN FILE="&quot;C:\tasks\VantageBackupAutomate.bat&quot;" DEFAULTFOLDER="C:\tasks" WAITFOREND="YES" DOS="YES" />

That batch file contains the following:


psexec \\srv-vantage c:\VantageBackup.bat


I would still like to find a way to do this without having to call the remote batch file but if I can't this seems like the best solution.

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Hello Frank,

We do have the option of installing a "Runtime" installation of AutoMate. A "runtime" is essentially just a client of the main installation that carries out jobs on a remote machine. In other words, you install the runtime on machine B and send jobs over from machine A to run on machine B. Since the runtime is local to machine B, the batch file should run fine.

Unfortunately without the runtime, any locally ran job will run locally and not remotely.

Please let us know if we may answer any additional questions or concerns regarding this case.

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