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May I suggest a Dark Mode option for task builder. Dark Modes have become increasingly popular and would help ease eyestrain when staring at steps for a long time. I use similar modes in other programming tasks.

I've attached a sample of what I mean, but I'm sure professional designers can do a better job.

dark mode sampleDark Mode sample settings

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Hello Brian,

Just to be clear, are you asking for a feature request that will provide different templates of Task Builder in different views? 

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Hello Ricardo,


In the Options screen under "Colors" there is a drop down to choose a Color Scheme. Current choices are the AUT 11 default, and also the color schemes of previous AUT versions. You can see this at the top of my 2nd screenshot.

I'm just asking for a Color Scheme that is essentially a Dark Mode that is easier on the eyes.
Would make AUT easier to work with especially at night.

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Hi Brian,


Understood, I have created a feature request on your behalf (24433).


Thank you for your input.

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Much appreciated.

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Much appreciated!

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I would be on this in a heart beat. Please add this to the 11.1 release :-)


Posted Thu, 06 Sep 2018 02:10:55 GMT by

24433 - ENHANCEMENT - AMTB: Dark Mode template for AMTB


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