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Greetings All,

Is anyone familiar with a secure credential management solution that works well with AutoMate?

Here's my scenario. I've got a large number of workflows which send files to various FTP sites, I'd like to combine these into a single workflow. But one of the biggest obstacles the need to securely maintain the login credentials for various SFTP sites. I am looking for some sort of secure repository that AutoMate can easily query in order to extract the credentials into variables for the username and password.

Any suggests would be helpful,



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Hello Casey,

One suggestion would be to store these into a database table, then query the table via AutoMate for the appropriate credentials.

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Look into CyberArk.  You can then get the credentials from the CyberArk safe account

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Thanks for the suggestions Alex and NIck.

Alex, do you happen to know whether SQL Server encryption prevents any issues to AutoMate?



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