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I am hoping someone can help, we have Automate 10

I have a requirement to loop a directory containing PDF files, if the PDF file size is > 950kb then reduce the file size

If file remains > 950kb after reducing the file then split the file etc.

Not sure if Automate can do this?.


Posted Tue, 11 Sep 2018 15:34:35 GMT by

This can be done in Automate but you probably need an external tool to reduce the file size.

I don't think there is any possibility to affect the file size using a built in action. Unless you know of specific pages that can be removed then you can use the Remove action. You could use a command line tool like Ghostscript to reduce the file size. Then loop a second run and use PDF action Split to split the file.


Available PDF actions:

PDF - Add attachment(s)
PDF - Add header/footer
PDF - Clear signature(s)
PDF - Create
PDF - Create session
PDF - Decrypt
PDF - Delete attachment(s)
PDF - Disable field(s)
PDF - Encrypt
PDF - End session
PDF - Extract
PDF - Get attachment(s)
PDF - Get field value
PDF - Get field(s)
PDF - Get PDF information
PDF - Get signature(s)
PDF - Insert
PDF - List attachment(s)
PDF - Remove
PDF - Replace
PDF - Search
PDF - Set field(s)
PDF - Sign
PDF - Split
PDF - Stamp

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