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I tried most recent release of AutoMate (11.2) and tested the new Web browser action.
I wanted to see how well it works with chrome.
I noticed when I set logon on the task properties to background user the task fails at first browser step action (open browser) fails. If I run steps in the task builder, it runs fine.
However, If set the web browser step to use Internet Explorer it works fine. I must run web actions in the background. This is for unattended automation. I have always run in the background with Internet Explorer and never had issue.  How can this also work with Chrome?

Posted Tue, 08 Oct 2019 01:41:13 GMT by

Hello Nick,

Web browser actions are considered interactive actions which means that they cannot run in the background. If you have been successful in this approach in the past, it must have been when you are logged on but disconnected from the remote desktop connection (which is also not supported). However, our official recommendation is to run all web browser actions with logged on user actions and log off/lock so that the automatic logon/unlock sequence can take effect and run your task.

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