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I have a site that needs to save registration information in order to login without having to authenticate with dual factor  (text or phone) on each login.

The problem is that each time Automate lunches the Chrome browser it resets to a default state without the saved authentication from the previous run or browser setup. I can log in fine when i'm not using Automate, my cookies are all there. The delete cookies on browser close is disabled.


Is there a way to keep the browser updates between sessions?

Posted Tue, 25 Feb 2020 09:55:19 GMT by

Have you already tried to open the the site first with AutoMate browser session action then manually login with dual factor?  I wonder if this will keep the cookies so when your automated task runs it will see the cookies needed. I.e.  open AutoMate task builder (create new task) and launch the browser window action.  Then manually login etc.   Then try running your AutoMate task.


Or try leaving the browser session up after use and your AutoMate task creates a session on existing browser session/window?

Have you tried using IE browser?  I have had much more luck with IE browser automation.


Posted Fri, 20 Mar 2020 01:17:52 GMT by

Ok Tried it again and still no joy. This seems to have something to do with how automate open it own version of Chrome or how it uses the Chrome extension. Its like it is opening the browser in it own sandbox, each time and no data is stored from the previous session (such as cookies or site data). I need the site data to be persistence after each run of the browser site test.

Posted Mon, 23 Mar 2020 22:08:36 GMT by

Hello Nick,

Is the website you are testing with publicly accessible so we may test in house?

Does the same issue occur with IE? would using IE be an option?

Posted Mon, 23 Mar 2020 22:31:48 GMT by

It is a not really a public site. ( account holder only access ), And IE is not an option. IE has been depreciated & can not be used to access the site. Microsoft Edge can be used but Automate dose not yet allow that browser for automation. I can see if our IT staff will allow me to load Firefox to see if I can get better results. 

Posted Mon, 23 Mar 2020 23:17:30 GMT by

It is public but member (account holders only) can login to the secure site to view their accounts. IE is not an option because it is being depreciated at the end of the month and can no longer be used. This why we need to change our automation from IE to Chrome. I will see if oue IT staff will let me load Firefox, to see if I get better results.

Will Automate allow MS Edge to be Automated in the future?

Posted Tue, 24 Mar 2020 04:51:54 GMT by

Hello Joseph,

Yes, pleas let us know your results. Please email us at [email protected] so we may setup a support session to troubleshoot further and document the issue.

Posted Tue, 24 Mar 2020 04:58:40 GMT by

Hello Joseph,

Yes, MS Edge is currently a feature request for a future version of the software. The FR number is

We have added this thread to the FR record, so we can update it when the feature is implemented.

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