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I am using Automate Plus 10. I have moved to Elastic logging. In Automate, I have a task that writes a log to a file. Elastic is a logging system that ingests logs from a certain folder on the agent the task runs. When I write a log, the log is written to a file, but Elastic cannot ingest the logs because there is no new line on the end of the text I write to the file. I have tried visual basic functions, but Elastic is still having trouble ingesting. Also when I have another write to file task, the first log is ingested but not the current.Searching for a new line character in Automate write to file. 

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Hello Spencer,

Unfortunately we have not had much experience with Elastic, but going off of your description, it sounds like you may need to use custom logging - logging you generated within the task itself - to have it function properly with your software.

There currently is no way to adjust or configure the automatic logging that occurs within the default logs or specified task logs.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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