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We are currently using a program at our Animal shelter that is becoming obsolete.   The replacement system is cloud based and the vendor wants a lot of money to transfer the legacy data to the new cloud application.     One option that is being discussed is to hire a temp to key 14,000 records into the new application.   The question of the day.............Does Automate have the ability to do the following:

1) Read from a file containing the legacy data. (Excel, Text, ETC) to a variable

2) Open the cloud based application and read FROM the file containing the legacy data and read the data from the file line by line each line would be entered as if someone is sitting there keying it.    I am thinking it would be some sort of screen recording but how can I have the record get entered and the next record from the file then get keyed?     

Is everyone confused?    : )

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Hi Rick,


Automate has the capability to read data from excel and OpenDocument spreadsheets, text based files, xml files, and pdfs.  Depending on the file type, this can be stored or loop through line by line, or put into a data set that can be looped through.  Files with additional formatting, such as word files, cannot be read in this manner. 

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Hi Rick,

The idea of reading an Excel file (CSV) or database no problem.  AutoMate can do this no problem.

The idea of putting data into Cloud application.  Depends on the application.  Is it a web based application?  

Lets assume it's a web based application (web pages, fields etc.)

You must have Internet Explorer (IE) installed on the computer/server running AutoMate.  AutoMate uses IE to automate browser automation.

Some web pages, fields that have javascript that have event driven actions (after input) input doesn't work well with AutoMate.   So really depends on the web application.

The best thing is to try it.  Open AutoMate task builder and start building the web browser action steps (set value, get value, push button, etc). This is what I like to call a "TECH CHECK".   You can check that AutoMate can work with said application.  This can be a quick check or could take several hours days depending on all that needs to be checked.   It either works or doesn't.  How will you know if it works.   For starters if AutoMate can't locate the field you are pointing to on the web page typically means AutoMate web browser actions will not work. However don't give up on first try.  Make sure browser zoom is at 100%.  I have seen issues with AutoMate not capturing field, button if browser zoom is not 100%.   Also check Internet Explorer security settings.   There are many forum posts on this topic.  If not here check the old forums.

There are other methods in AutoMate the use key board and mouse inputs however I recommend not using.  Web browser actions can run in the back ground and so can reading the CSV file.   What does this mean?  This means you can schedule process to run on server or computer and not leave running on computer just sitting in the wide open office.

If the web browser steps work with your web application then you can start building the task to process the file.   

You start by reading your excel file (CSV).  For example: Use  CSV to dataset

Then you can use loop dataset action

Then you can place the web browser steps between the loop database action

You may need to add some error handling with the web actions steps.   For example if web page is taking longer to load turn on the retry method on the next step. 

Lets say you have 5 web browser steps that sets value on 5 fields 

then you have web browser step that pushes the save button 

then you have web browser step that pushes the return button

lets say the return button doesn't show until page is saved. You can flag web browser step that pushes the return button to retry 10x waiting 30 seconds in between each retry. So basically it's waiting for this button.   

 I've done some very complex web automation using AutoMate and ran processes countless times.

If web browser actions doesn't work for your situation does the cloud application have SOAP or REST APIs?    AutoMate can send data to web services.   

I hope this provides you with some information to move forward on your project.


All the best






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