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How do I specify the SFTP root?

I need to upload a file to the SFTP root.  For the "Remote files(s)", I have tried / and /*.*

However, the only way I can get a file to upload is if I specify a a subfolder, like /subfolder/

I want to upload to the root, how do I do that?


This is the error message I get:

FTP failed (Error : File /file08.09.21.csv not exist at destination.)

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OMG what a pain.

I fixed it by unchecking the box "Only if exists in destination"

(see attached photo)


The way I interpreted this was "overwrite existing file if it exists in destination whether it exists or not

Turns out, this is interpreted LITERALLY:  "overwrite existing file ONLY if it ALREADY exists in destination -- otherwise take no action"

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Hello Raymond,

Glad to hear you have resolved the issue!

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