<p>So we are a hospital with a handful of interactive workflows that log into a specific application, run through the keystrokes to print off tray tickets for our Food Services group, and then log out of the machine.</p> <p>We've been having various issues for years but they're always intermittent (sometimes jobs will run perfect for weeks on end, and then the next week every job is failing because Automate constantly either loses focus of the windows its trying to interact with, or can't gain the focus in the first place).</p> <p>Right now we're dealing with a very weird issue all of a sudden where Automate will run through all the tasks in our workflow until it gets to our Windows Logoff task, which very simply just tells it to log our designated Automate user out of the box so the agent is available when the next job needs to run.</p> <p>The logoff is working just fine, but when it finishes it reports back to the management server:</p> <p>&quot;Task 'Windows Logoff' has reported an unknown status.&quot;</p> <p>Since this is the last task in the workflow it causes the workflow to sit there until it times out because it never gets that &quot;success&quot; from the last task in it.</p> <p>My assumption is this is because we're in a VMWare Horizon environment and the boxes just take longer to log in and out than Automate is expecting.</p> <p>Is this error a known problem?&#160; Are there any suggestions for what might fix this?&#160; The issue it causes is it makes it hard to tell which jobs failed and which succeeded because all 30 of our jobs for the past week just have a last run status of &quot;Workflow timed out&quot; even if they ran successfully to the end</p>