I was working with a JSON file that contained properties starting with UPPERCASE letters. When I tried decoding the JSON string, Automate would throw a mysterious error: Task failed because step is missing required parameter 'RESULTSTRUCTURE'. I examined the configuration of the decoding, but nothing indicated a special result structure was required. 

As a contrast, I downloaded and ran the task "v11_json_encode_decode_structure" provided by Automate as an example. That worked just fine. I pasted my own JSON into the string variable, the same task would fail. 

After some though, I realized all property keys in the test task, as provided by Automate, started with a lowercase letter. I changed the properties in my own JSON into camel-case property keys, and suddenly the whole thing worked.

I'm providing this write-up as a guidance for the next person that will struggle with this un-documented flaw in JSON decoding. 

Version: Automate Plus